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Biographical Data Bases
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Index to Biographies from Southern Jewry (Click here for Preface to book)
edited by Joseph L. Malamut & Milton W. Goldberger
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Last Name First Name Bio? Picture? Last Name First Name Bio? Picture?
Beth El Emeth B'nai Brith-cont
Berzansky Herman yes no Bearman Joseph yes yes
Bilder Moses yes no Bearman Leo yes yes
Bilder Reuben yes no Bespalow Eugene Frederick yes yes
Blaiss Sam yes yes Brode Arthur G. yes yes
Hanover Joseph yes yes Bronstein Jacob M.D. yes yes
Jacobs H.B. yes no Cohn Fletcher Gans yes yes
Kipper Abraham yes yes Goldberger Milton W. yes yes
Lazarov David yes no Hanover David yes no
Segal Rev. E.I. yes yes Hirsch, Sr B.W. yes yes
Sizeler William yes no Joseph Maurice B. yes yes
Congregation Mischne Krivcher Joseph yes yes
Blockman Morris David Alter

Lebolt Col. I.C. yes yes
Congregation Anshei Sphard Lerner Eugene L. yes no
Schaffer Harry Isakiel yes no Lerner Harry yes no
Congregation Anshei Galicia Lerner Louis yes no
Engelberg Phillip yes no Lippman Morris yes no
B'nai Brith Pearlman Samuel yes no
Abraham George G. yes yes Salomon Edward yes yes
Altfater Joseph Herman yes yes Shapiro Morris yes no
Barnett Louis yes yes