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Biographical Data Bases
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Index to Biographies from Southern Jewry (click here for Preface to book)
edited by Joseph L. Malamut & Milton W. Goldberger
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Last Name First Name Bio? Picture? Last Name First Name Bio? Picture?
Congregation Children of Israel Baron Hirsch Congregation
Bach Jacob James yes no Abraham Samuel yes yes
Binswanger Milton S. yes yes Alperin Michael yes yes
Blecker, M.D. A.L. yes yes Cohen Abe yes no
Brenner Lester Herschel yes no Cohen Simon yes no
Cohn Robert yes no Dermon Dave yes yes
Dinkelspiel Isadore yes yes Dlugach Harry yes no
Goldsmith Elias yes yes Felt Jack yes yes
Goldsmith Fred yes yes Goldberger David yes no
Goldsmith Jacob yes yes Goldberger Leopold yes no
Goldsmith Leo yes yes Hanover Morris yes no
Goltman, M.D. Max yes yes Kaminsky Alex yes no
Hurst Henry yes no Kanarek Israel Wallace yes no
Kahn Leo yes no Lewis Henry E. yes yes
Levy David Asher yes yes Lewis Julius yes no
Levy, M.D. Lewis yes yes Lewis Moses yes no
Menke Joseph yes no Lewis Sam yes no
Morris Hirsch yes no Lippman Isaac yes no
Rosenthal Mitchell yes no Loewenberg Ferdinand yes yes
Rudner, M.D Henry G. yes yes Peiser Max yes no
Silberberg Abraham yes no Rosen Hyman yes no
Sternberger Leon yes yes Shainberg David no yes

Shainberg Harry yes no

Shainberg Jacob yes no

Shainberg Louis yes no

Shainberg Sam yes yes

Simon Abe yes yes

Taxon Rabbi Morris N. yes yes