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Biographical Data Bases
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Index to Biographies from Southern Jewry (Click here for Preface to book)
edited by Joseph L. Malamut & Milton W. Goldberger
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Last Name First Name Bio? Picture? Last Name First Name Bio? Picture?
Progressive Order of the West (P.O.W) and P.O.W. Auxiliary Sons of Israel Association
Applebaum Jacob yes no Rosenblum Jacob yes no
Bearman A.D. yes yes Shefsky Philip yes no
Berger Harris yes no The Arbeiter Farband
Braver Joseph B. yes no Berger Leon yes yes
Braver Mrs. Rebecca yes no Cohn Solomon yes yes
Chlem Louis yes no Debrovner Louis yes no
Dubrovner Aaron yes no Green Abraham Isaac yes yes
Fogelman Abraham yes no Meisel Motelle yes yes
Fortas Sam yes yes Novak Abraham yes no
Fortas Wolf yes no Pinstein Aleck yes yes
Hoffman Charles yes no Miscellaneous
Moskowitz Jacob yes no Newburger Joseph yes yes
O'Mell Samuel yes no

Schnitzer Louis yes no

Stiman Jacob yes no

Walters Isaaac yes no

Weinberg Max yes no

Weiner Abraham Elijah yes no

Yergin Morris yes no