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Photos from the Past
The Photos from the Past project, sponsored by the Temple Israel Archives and the Jewish Historical Society of Memphis, seeks to identify persons in old photos.  What follows is a list of events pages which contain these photos. Click on an event name link to view these photos. Link will open in a new window.  If  you can identify any of the unknown persons in the photos, the date, location and/or event, please follow the instructions on the page to send in the information.
Thank you! 
Anshei Sphard
  Date Posted Event:   Date Location All People ID'd (Y/N)
(Photo No.)
 Feb 17, 2016  Al Gore at Anshei Sphard 1985  Anshei Sphard N(0318)/N(321)
 Nov 1, 2019
Mary Dumont honored at Israel Bond Event-2 1985  Anshei Sphard N(0263)/N(265)
 Feb 16, 2016  Mary Dumont honored at Israel Bond Event-2 1986
 Anshei Sphard N(0273)
 Nov 19, 2014  Anshei Sphard BBQ-2  2001  Anshei Sphard N(0032)/N(0050)
 Nov 19, 2014  Anshei Sphard BBQ-3  2001  Anshei Sphard N(0055)/N(0058)
 Nov 19, 2014  Anshei Sphard BBQ-5  2001  Anshei Sphard  N(0112)/N(0115)