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Photos from the Past
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The Photos from the Past project, sponsored by the Temple Israel Archives and the Jewish Historical Society of Memphis, seeks to identify persons in old photos.  If  you can identify any of the unknown persons in the photos below or know details of the Event, please follow the instructions on the page to send the information to Photos from the Past.  Thank you!

Click on a photo to see a larger image.  Close the new tab (or window) after you finish viewing.

  EVENT: Rabbi Grossman's 25th Year Tribute
  DATE: __Feb 28, 1999_______________
  LOCATION: _Baron Hirsch___________
  EVENT: Rabbi Grossman's 25th Year Tribute
DATE:  __Feb 28, 1999_______________
  LOCATION: _Baron Hirsch___________
 Photo No. Unknown-1402

 1. ___________________ 6.Larry Diamond___
 2. ___________________ 7. Brett Stein______
 3. ___________________ 8. ______________
 4. ___________________ 9._______________
 5. ___________________
 Photo No. Unknown-1426

  1. _________________ 4. Shamai Grossman__
 2. Hillel Grossman_____   5. ________________
 3. Aviva Grossman ____   6. Shuki Grossman__
Photographs courtesy of the Markowitz Collection, Temple Israel Archives.
Click on, and put the following information in the email that comes up:
  1. Give event details.
  2. Give the number of the photo; e.g. 1990-0562
  3. Give the number and first and last name of the person(s) whom you recognize.
  4. Example of answer:  Baron Hirsch Baby Sitting, May 1990, Baron Hirsch,1990-0562, #3 = Jane Doe
  5. When you are ready, send the email!
  If you do not want to be notified of the next set of photos, please say so in your email